IADC WellSharp - Drilling Operations - Introductory

  • Course Information
    Delivery Method : Classroom and Field Training (English)
    Fee : INR 45,000 (including training, certification, course material and transportation)
    Note : The above fees is for Indian Nationality only
    Location : PetroTalent, Pune INDIA
    Duration : 5 days
  • Who Should Attend
    Any candidate / person who is willing to build his career in Oil and Gas Upstream with minimum background of Petroleum industry can do this course.

  • Certificates Issued
    IADC WellSharp Driiling Well Control Introductory Certificate

    The objective is to lay a solid foundation in well control concepts and competency for entry-level rig operation positions as well as those not directly associated with rig operation, such as office personnel. This course is strongly recommended for first time well control candidates and prior to taking IADC WellSharp / WellCAP Course in Fundamental Level & Supervisory Level. The objective of this training is to increase the candidates knowledge and understanding of well control theory, practice and equipment. This will help prepare the candidates to deal with most well control situations. 

    U-Tube concept, gas laws, basic math skills, pressure basics, kick detection, kill sheet, drilling fluids, BOP equipment, shut-in procedures, and basic methods of well control etc. will be all covered. At the end of this course, delegates should be able to demonstrate familiarity with an understanding of the equipment, principles and procedures associated with rotary drilling well control in preparation for IADC Well Cap testing at Level 2. The successful candidate will be issued with a certificate valid for five years.

  • Course Overview

    The course duration is five days. Course starts on Monday at 1030 hrs. & finishes on Friday at 1400 hrs. For first three days extensive class room teaching is followed by practical sessions on simulator. Assignment containing questions pertaining to days curriculum are given and discussion on assignment is taken up in the next morning.

    On fourth day a mock test is conducted which is an in-house test based on IADC pattern. This is to access the performance of the participants and prepare them for the final test. Individual attention is given to the participants based on the results of the Mock test. Simulator Practical Assessment. On fifty day, there will be written examination and certification. 

    DAY 1 : Well Control Event & Incident, Well Control Training Assessment, Risk Management, Introduction to Well Control and Pressure, Barrier Concept, Kick and Concept of Bottom hole Pressure, Kick warning Sign and Kick Indicator (Detection), Top Hole Drilling, Kill Sheet preparation, Simulator hand on practice. 

    DAY 2: Assignment Discussion, Concept of Circulating System, Concept of Fracture Pressure and MAASP, Influx Characteristic and its behavior, shut in Procedure, Gas Migration, Well Control Method, Kill Sheet preparation, Simulator hand on practice. 

    DAY 3: Assignment Discussion, Volumetric Method, Stripping, Well Control during Casing and Cementing Operation, Well control Management, Contingency Planning, Well Control Equipment, Ram Type Preventer, Associated Well Control Equipment, BOP and Equipment Test, Inflow Test, Simulator hand on practice. 

    DAY 4: Assignment Discussion, BOP Control System, Subsea BOP Control System, MOCK Test, Simulation Practical Assessment. 

    DAY 5: Examination and Certification.

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