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"Fuel your Talent". We at PetroTalent, offer students the opportunity to become a part of the Oil & Gas Industry. We are the bridge that connects an academic student to a professional and skilled technical hand. We provide petroleum technology knowledge to students from different backgrounds and transform them into industry professionals with hybrid talent. On the cutting edge of technology it is essential for every individual to keep himself updated and enriched with the latest knowledge of challenges and developments taking place in the industry. In order to achieve these objectives and provide technically trained and competent manpower for the drilling and production sector of petroleum industry we the team of expertise including G&G, drilling, reservoir, logging and production are working hard for last couple of years. We have designed training modules according to requirement of industry.

The Indian Petroleum industry is one of the oldest in the world, with oil being struck at Makum near Margherita in Assam in 1867. The industry has come a long way since then. For nearly more than sixty years of independence, the oil sector in India, has seen growth of giant national oil companies in a sheltered environment. India has significant amount of oil and natural gas, and four of India's top revenue-generating companies are in the oil and natural gas business.

The 200 nautical miles area around India that are monitored by the Indian government are expected to have huge deposits of oil and natural gas which is an emerging multi-billion dollar market.

Current estimations, based on various surveys, show that after Japan, coastal areas around India will have huge stocks of oil and gas. The other potential geographies would be Russia and the Arctic region. To get more oil and gas, more and more Drilling units with modern technology are being introduced thus the total number of Drilling units across globe are rapidly increasing.

This phenomenal growth has given rise to the need for trained personnel in oil and gas business. Recognizing this need, the PetroTalent is launched with specific objective of providing a range of domain specific training courses to produce well trained people who work effectively from day one of job. It is estimated that the need for trained personnel in the next ten years will be more than 100,000 world–wide and a significant numbers of these will be working on drilling units operating in and around India. Our core area of focus is to equip you with skills needed to make you understand the oil and gas industry because there is a future involved in it.

In addition to the best teaching techniques and curriculum, 'PetroTalent' provides the following value added training to ensure that you excel in the Corporate World :

  • 100% placement assistance
  • Industrial collaboration for projects and training
  • Training as per Industry Standard
  • Team Building and Leadership Exercises
  • Preparing you for "Interview" to the Corporate World
  • Improving "Presentation" skills
  • Business Development Techniques and more…

All courses are taught in English, class hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. Some courses may require homework or extended hours on certain days. The dress code for participants is casual attire which is accepted in an office environment, Bermuda shorts, tank tops, flip-flops, etc. are not acceptable attire.

Participants should carry a calculator for all courses. In the confirmation letter they will receive notification for course specific requirements. PetroTalent courses do not have pre-course reading material assignments.

Car / Bus Park

Sufficient parking is available within the campus.

Course Material

Personal copy of handout is provided to each candidate.


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